Monday, December 21, 2009

Cowboys on Mars? A Space Opery by Robert W. Gately

Welcome to our Web Cabaret.
If friend, we greet you heart & hand.
If stranger, such no longer be.
If foe, our love shall conquer thee.

Cowboys on Mars? A Space Opery has been a long labor of love and distraction. Imagining how our children's progeny will pioneer a way-up-west planet and establish humankind's first extraterrestrial outpost in space has consumed countless hours of bliss and gratification. Many souls present and past have contributed their talent, time and hearts to seeing the work to its ultimate manifestation of our generations aspirations to peacefully and purposely explore and inhabit our sister planet, Mars.

Mars 2169 will be a BoomStar, beckoning adventurers to come and face the difficult reality of opening new territories for exploration and exploitation. The every-man, woman and child of these difficult days will work in harmony or die trying to live in an unforgiving atmosphere. This aint easy Earth folks, and we aint Martians, yet.

No soldiers are needed in this peaceful planetary environment. War and weapons were left on earth. Here all conflicts and concerns are addressed with harmonious communication through thoughtful resolution by kind words, moving music and expressive dance. Although the Crystal Pueblo and the BuckyDome is rocking and wobbling, our pioneers are bucking it out with guts, grit and rhythm.

Welcome aboard… Hope you enjoy the journey and it suits your fantasy of the near future and moves you lend a hand in seeing Cowboys on Mars? someday soon, Live & In-Person on a moon lit Arizona sky-stage… Yaw… Who…!

Why knot?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Quote from pg 109 of Manuscript

"That bus got us busted in San Berdoo for the "FUCK COMMUNISM" bumper stickers we had scored in Haight Asbury splayed across the rear. The motor cop that stopped us said he agreed with what it said, but that we could no cruise around this town with the four letter word attached. We assured the officer that we would indeed paint over the offending word in the morning. In the morning, stoned, the kids painted out "COMMUNISM" leaving the "FUCK" to startle the other motorists on the I-10 back to Phoenix."

Quote from pg 72 of Manuscript

"We found and old second floor ballroom for rent at 220 Broadway, named it "The Electric Light Sho" and moved into the third floor apartment with a kitchen and bathroom where we cooked many a pasta dinner for artists and musicians who came to be passing through. Word got out that we welcomed bands to come and use the place as free rehearsal space and soon we had a band a day playing to the walls. We were open three nights a week for paying customers, a buck fifty a head and soon were making enough  money to pay the $800 a month rent and buy enough pasta to keep us all fed. Across the street there was a five story high moving and storage place with white walls and we would set up the projectors in our windows and do our light show for the delight of the passerbys on Broadway."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So I met this guy in a parked motorhome...

...and we sat and talked a bit. He told me that he's "coming off a twenty year hiatus and working on a manuscript of his memoirs". As he sat behind his desk which was the built-in dinette in his '68 motorcoach which was parked in the side yard of a ramshacked house "just around the bend at the end" of a neighborhood street on the eastern edge of the downtown "hood" of Phoenix. The wooden gate to the yard had a small white paper sign that simply said "RWG Aqui".

Manuscript Transcription Begun

So as to not waste another six years of this fantastic story sitting in a storage locker collecting dust I've just bit the bullet and hi...