Monday, June 5, 2017

Original Manuscript Recovered

So I lost the original manuscript with handwritten notes from Bob in the margins that he gave me shortly before his death, in the motorhome down at the end of the street the night Helen H. took me over there to talk with Bob about publishing this life's work of his. He and I sat in that motorhome sipping whiskey until sunrise that night as I read the manuscript out loud with him giving me color commentary from start to finish and I emerged into the bright morning sun with a hangover and this manuscript under my arm leaving Bob with the promise I would get his story published. It truly is the story of a generation written in the first person by a man who was at the center of that generation's finest hours. I had given it to a friend for safe-keeping one of those times I needed to get across a border and pronto to escape the long arm of Sheriff Joe and his henchmen. It's been in his storage place for a few years and I'm happy to report I have it back and will be getting it transcribed and start shopping for a publisher while simultaneously getting the screenplay version written. This is a best-selling autobiography and a box office smash movie if there ever was one. So Bobbo...if you're up there you space cowboy you...we're back on track buddy!

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